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When Life it get's tough... There's always a new start!

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Everything Happens for a Reason


Forgiveness Give us Back The Power To Be Happy

The Problem Is Not The Problem The Problem is How your Deal with The Problem

To Forgive Is To Became Free From The Pain

When doors are open for you, you'll need to see them

Negative Emotions and Memories

What are negative Emotions and negative Feelings?

Different people can define their emotions in different ways. Some make a distinction between emotions and feelings saying that a feeling is the response part of the emotion and that an emotion includes the situation or experience in their life.

Negative Emotions, can create the blockage in your brain, in not allowing a different sort of outcome in your life such as to see positive results in your self-esteem.

Negative Emotions can be dangerous for you because they isolate you from others and don’t help you to understand others as well as be close to friends and others.

Why to take the next step in eliminating your negative Emotions? • Emotions can control your thinking, behaviour and actions.

  • Emotions affect your physical body as much as your body affects your feelings and thinking.
  • People who ignore, dismiss, repress or just ventilate their emotions, are setting themselves up for physical illness.
  • Emotions that are not felt and released but buried within the body or in the aura can cause serious illness, including cancer, arthritis, and many types of chronic illnesses.
  • Negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, negativity, frustration and depression cause chemical reactions in your body that are very different from the chemicals released when you feel positive emotions such as happy, contented, loved, accepted.

How memories can affect you

Why do we sometimes wake up feeling good and a few hours later we find ourselves feeling bad?
Why does our mood sometimes swing without any new events happening?
The answer lies in our memories, when we recall an old unpleasant memory our mood will change to the worse and the opposite happens when that we remember a pleasant memory our mood changes for the better., Why? What is haunting you?

My past is haunting me

  • Almost every one of us can be haunted by the past in one way or another.
  • You can think that it is normal to be remembering the painful memories from the past.
  • Somehow or other our problems are connected with the past.

Getting the Changes

The New you can provide and help you with the means to remove your negative feelings and become what you want to be. BE YOURSELF with no shame and acceptyourself with your own perspective of what life is about.

  • Thinking positive
  • Having new friends who listen to you and who you also understand.
  • Focus on what you want in your life!! And don’t get distracted by other negative feelings.

Be happy and share your happiness with your loved ones.


Be the New You
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