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When Life it get's tough... There's always a new start!

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Everything Happens for a Reason


Forgiveness Give us Back The Power To Be Happy

The Problem Is Not The Problem The Problem is How your Deal with The Problem

To Forgive Is To Became Free From The Pain

When doors are open for you, you'll need to see them

Finding the Roots of the Problem

With Time Line Therapy™ techniques, people can go back in time, and let go of all internal blocks that can prevent them from achieving from what they want in the future – past stored negative emotions, limiting beliefs and limiting decisions. These techniques allow you to go to the ‘root’ cause of the problem and heal an issue which is blocking you.

Once the past is clean, the person will go to the future and discover how to achieve what they want in the future.

For example, if you’re not achieving what you want in the future, if you’re not manifesting what you want or if you’re not attracting those things you want, then there must be some source of incongruence in your past, and that needs to be cleaned up.

Some of the major Time Line Therapy™ techniques include:

1. Elicitation of time line.

This is simply about finding out how you store time internally. The therapy will use it to create the changes you desire.

2. Discovering the root cause of the problem.

Desire to know all the ‘whys’ is probably a part of our human nature: ‘Why am I this way?’, ‘Why am I not getting what I want’? , ‘What caused these problems for me?’

While we can consciously justify the root cause of our problems, essentially, they are stored on the unconscious level, in that part of  the mind that we are not currently aware of. Hence to find the real root cause of the problems, we need to communicate directly with the unconscious mind. This technique allows us to do just that. Once the root cause of the problem is discovered, we will then use other Time Line Therapy™ techniques to go to the root cause of the problem and heal the issue.

3. Eliminating Negative Emotions.

Time Line Therapy™ allows us to eliminate all the stored negative emotions to do with past unresolved events.

The major negative emotions include anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt.

What we do is discover the very first event when we felt a particular negative emotion, go to the root cause of it, and by educating our unconscious mind we will eliminate it. As the first event becomes free of the emotion, the whole ‘gestalt’ of emotion is destroyed. What this means is that with this process clients get rid of internal reference for accessing negative emotions inappropriately.  This process is extremely empowering and people often feel ‘lighter’. This is because they just got rid of their ‘emotional baggage’!

4. Eliminating limiting decisions / beliefs.

We also use Eliminating decisions, The New you practitioner would help you with elimination of the negative beliefs inside you  in order to achieve  what you want.

For example

If you feel “ I can never make enough money, I will always be fat, I don’t deserve success, I am not worthy or I am not good enough for others”.

These frames of conception were adopted by your unconscious mind as “personal truth.”

Even when you were of a very young  age, even when you didn’t  want to carry on with this feeling, they were always there  in our behaviour, consciously and unconsciously.

With Time Line Therapy, we go to the root cause of these limiting beliefs and eliminate them, replacing them with much more empowering beliefs./p>

Eliminating limiting beliefs is about eliminating blocks that prevent you  achieving what you want.

5. Creating compelling future.

Once your neurology and the past are clean of unhelpful negative emotions and limiting decisions, then we create a compelling goal for  your  future and through the Time Line Therapy™ techniques.

Time Line Therapy™ is about aligning yourself with the person you want to be, in order to do what you want to do, and to have what you want to have.

Time Line Therapy is to help you to became a more positive and productive person.


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