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When Life it get's tough... There's always a new start!

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Everything Happens for a Reason


Forgiveness Give us Back The Power To Be Happy

The Problem Is Not The Problem The Problem is How your Deal with The Problem

To Forgive Is To Became Free From The Pain

When doors are open for you, you'll need to see them

What is Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a name that encompasses the three most influential components involved in producing human experience: neurology, language and programming. The neurological system regulates how our bodies function, language determines how we interface and communicate with other people and our programming determines the kinds of models of the world we create. Neuro-Linguistic Programming describes the fundamental dynamics between nervous system (neuron) and language (linguistic) and how their interplay affects our body and behaviour (programming).

NLP is capable of addressing problems such as  phobias, depression, habit  disorder, Psychosomatic illnesses  and learning disorder  ,  and helps people attain fuller and richer lives.

Many scientists claim that if the effective patterns of behaviour of exceptional people could be modelled then these patterns could be acquired by others.

NLP can help   people to achieve results or  outcomes of  changes to their lives .

The New You therapists are  tutored by some of the best trainers in the field to provide to our clients with the knowledge and therapists experience that you need to have a successful  outcome.


The NLP Communication Model

When something happens outside of us (external event), we take in information through our five senses - what we see, hear, feel, smell and taste. We then filter that information to create our own internal representation of that event. This internal representation affects our emotional state. At the same time it affects our body's physiology, including our body language. This all then becomes the driving force for our behaviour.


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