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When Life it get's tough... There's always a new start!

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Everything Happens for a Reason


Forgiveness Give us Back The Power To Be Happy

The Problem Is Not The Problem The Problem is How your Deal with The Problem

To Forgive Is To Became Free From The Pain

When doors are open for you, you'll need to see them

Weight Loss



Where are your current health goals? Do you know how you will achieve these goals?


There are many reasons for wanting to lose weight. You might have even tried before and unfortunately didn’t get the results you desired. Have you ever:

  •  Had a bad experience with "diet plans" or "weight loss pills"?
  •  Felt disappointed every time you looked at yourself in the mirror?
  •  Stopped yourself from going out because you couldn’t find clothes that felt right?
  •  Had a health scare related to a condition that would improve with weight loss?


What is stopping you from losing weight? Does "Dieting" really work?

 Research has proven that "dieting" just doesn’t work for long-term results. Some unrealistic diet plans claim that they are the only way to lose weight. Some of these diets do result in immediate weight loss just to have you right back where you started weeks or months later.

 Being "on a diet" implies a program you are doing temporarily for a specific result and when that result is reached, your journey is over. But long term weight loss and better overall health isn’t a temporary process, it’s a new outlook and a new way of living.

 The New You will be capable of helping find the root of your weight issues. 

 Reasons to stop "dieting" immediately:

  •  Your mood is adversely affected as your metabolic slows with dieting.

 When you come off dieting you risk storing even more fat in your body than before as your weight increases.

 Is Emotional Eating Sabotaging Your Weight Loss?

 Watching what you eat means taking note of how much you are eating and what type of foods you are eating.

 Weight can be gained by the effect of emotional feelings such as hopelessness, sadness, anger, or being ashamed. These emotions in your subconscious mind can stop you from seeing the good things around you.

 The result of these negative emotions is the over indulgence in unhealthy foods known as "emotional eating." If you are prone to stress or depression then emotional eating could be having a negative impact on your weight loss attempts.

 Self- image and eating habits can develop over a lifetime and are hardwired in the subconscious mind. You will need to reprogram your brain to a new way of thinking.


How Can Hypnosis Help You?

 Hypnosis effectively taps into your subconscious mind and reprograms your relationship with food for life. Hypnotherapy turns negative thoughts and feelings into empowering and beneficial emotions and behaviors. Once those beliefs and feelings are replaced with new positive healthy beliefs and feelings of being in control, you will no longer reach for foods to comfort yourself.

 Hypnosis can help you enjoy the foods you should have, even if you don’t normally eat them. If you dislike eating vegetables but are fond of potato chips for example: we can switch you to enjoying vegetables and other healthy foods.

 Most people want to lose weight in order to "look good" in front of others. With our program you will learn how to value yourself in new more positive ways.


The New You

 Can help you to believe in yourself

 Embrace who you are right now

 Gain self-control

 The New You

 goes beyond simple weight loss and focuses on positive thoughts, behaviors and self-confidence.

 With The New You – YOU are in control! Learn to banish:

 Negative emotions, feelings and beliefs

 Limiting decisions that keep you from your goals

 Bad habits

 Self-Deprecating internal speech

 The New You Teaches: 

 Positive emotions, feelings and beliefs

 The ability and power to take decisions in every circumstance

 We develop the behaviors and the attitude that you always wanted (Self Pride!) 

 How one positive habit can lead to another

 How to be the one in control and to be able to let go of your negative feelings about weight loss


The New You

 will completely change the way you feel about yourself and your weight loss journey. These changes are life-long and work in harmony with better overall health. 

 You should be in control, not your "diet!"

 With The New You, there is no need to focus on restrictive diet plans. Your body will respond to the positive mental changes you are making by naturally losing the weight and bringing forth the confident person you are inside.






Be the New You
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